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Capabilities – Shiftask International

Shiftask International is one of India’s leading outsourcing services provider adorned with hi-tech infrastructure and talented professionals from the industry. Shiftask International supports customer needs at all levels by drawing from a broad range of capabilities including:
Infrastructure : The Company has built a “Best-in-Class” facility at western suburb of Mumbai – the business hub of India. The facility is spread over one floors of 5,000 sq ft area with 300 live seats with the capacity to be scaled up to 6000 seats per shift.
Quality Assurance (QA): Shiftask International is accoutered with highly experienced and talented Quality Assurance (QA) team focusing to enhance and extend current quality practices, and to educate the young talent by sharing its learning and perceptions.
Talented Professionals: What sets Shiftask International apart from its competitors is a team of talented IT professionals. Our stringent recruitment policy, training, development programs and stimulating work environment ensures deliver of uncompromising quality and fast turnaround times for our clients.
Shiftask International is committed to assisting customers accelerate business through advanced technology and innovation. Our strength is in our ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver secure, flexible and cost effective solutions and outsourcing services specifically tailored to suit individual business requirements.

Infrastructure :
We have built a “Best-in-class” facility at Malad Mindspace, a western suburb of Mumbai – the business hub of India. The building provides a stimulating work environment for people to deliver uncompromising quality and fast turnaround times for our clients.

The facility is spread over a floor of 5,000 sq ft area with 300 live CSR seats with the capacity to be scale upto 500 CSR seats per shift.

Our facility has the necessary dining, resting and training rooms which are essential in any international standard facility.
We have built a world class work area which has been aesthetically designed by professional designers. Each workstation is designed to provide optimal space utilization coupled with a sense of space. Multiple washrooms and water coolers across the facility have been located to ensure comfort for our people. The facility has stable power outsourced from Tata Power and has backup power generator. Our Interior is characterized by green surroundings, a smoke free and fun loving, team working and innovative environment.

Quality is perceived and defined by the customer There is only one valid purpose for our agents to create a loyal and satisfied customer base.
The role of the Quality Assurance (QA) team at Shiftask International is to provide assistance and give ongoing feedback to the CSR regarding their individual performance while processing calls. Feedback includes appreciation on strong areas of performance as well as guidance to improve areas of concern.
The Quality Assurance team plays a key role in the operations through the following functions:

  • Silent Call monitoring & Digital recording of calls for further reference and training purposes
  • Providing consistent and timely feedback and coaching of CSR’s to enhance their capabilities
  • Quality Verification of each ‘sale’ achieved prior to forwarding to the client
  • Coordination with the Operations Team and providing quality feedback to the CSR’s
  • Coordination with the Training Team for further training and refresher modules for the CSR’s
  • Recording and maintaining quality reports and files of each CSR for reference and performance analysis

We encourage individual growth and all our enabler positions are filled up from the implementers level thus we ensure a growth opportunity to all. Enablers motivate the already charged up implementers in achieving the individual, team and organizational goals by ensuring implementation of the retention policies chartered by the decision makers.
Our stringent recruitment policy ensures we acquire the best talent and thus ensure quality deliverables at all times. Innovation and creativity which are the traits of a performer are always rewarded by presenting on the floor incentives, monthly awards and annual awards.

It is our endeavor to foster a culture of continuous learning and growth. We believe that the skill sets of our associates are a very important ingredient for world-class services, for achievement of outstanding quality standards.
Since Learning and development is a continuous process meticulous attention is paid to the requirements of the candidates in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude. Consequently, our dedicated team of trainers emphasis on new inductee and ongoing training of our employees. The team focuses on accent and soft skills training.
The following programs and workshop are mandatory for all Associates joining our call center:

  • Accent Neutralisation
  • Telesales
  • Communication skills
  • Team Building
  • Time Management

Training is managed so it can be planned and linked to business results