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Our services ranges of what a call center needs to succeed in a never ending battle to achieve the highest service levels possible while managing the most complex systems. The key to success in today’s competitive e-business landscape is not in obtaining one time-buyer, but creating loyal lifetime customers. The ability to communicate directly with a live customer service representative often makes the difference between a sale & a lost opportunity. The internet revolution has given customers the power and choice as to how they communicate by phone, e-mail or the web.


About Our Company

Shiftask International BPO provides services and solutions to the BPO Industry at large. We are Technical Consultants with ample technical knowledge and experience. We keep ourselves updated with latest technologies to be able to provide top-of-the-line results.

Shiftask International is a full-service IT solutions company, equipped with the state-of-art development and contact center facilities in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, integrating voice, data, facsimile, image and video channels at the agent desktop to transform customer interactions into an "Experience of Delight" for its client customers.


What We do

State of the Art Infrastructure
We are highly professional setup available with Diallers, VoIP Systems, Stable Internet, Professional Environment for our experts and everything needed to successfully run Tech Support and similar Processes with ease.
In-Depth Understanding
Before we provide any solution, we gather ample knowledge from every perspective to provide a robust and smooth service to ensure every criteria for the business is met with highest standards.
Skilled Experts
We have Teams with deep Technical knowledge & experience in National & International communications to help maintain the quality of service & user experience if you are an SME or big Players in the Computer World
Optimization and Changes
With competition growing and the need to change techniques from time-to-time, we felt it should be an integral part of our Teams to keep monitoring and evaluating the latest trends. We suggest possible changes to the clients to be able to reach out to maximum audience & be a part of this changing scenario.

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